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Let’s change the world, shall we?  We live in a world filled with the wonders of technology, and we can converse in an instant with people all around the globe. And yet we aren’t talking with people in our own country about the things that drive our nation forward (or keep us holding back).  I hope to change that.  After graduating from college with degrees in history and political science, I worked many different types of jobs in various industries (such as cooking, driving a cab, management, and sales), but ultimately found that what I desired most was to involve myself in that flawed process we call “politics.”  I have worked on a few campaigns and social initiatives, and have participated in local and district party discussions and meetings.  I also began working on acquiring teaching credentials and doing graduate research into our nation’s history.

I began Spark! with the hope of getting people reading, learning, and talking about issues and events.  Using my knowledge and experience in history and political science, and in teaching, I hope to both teach and learn from others on matters of substance, on issues separating the Left from the Right.  My hope is that blogs posted on Spark! will get people participating in the classroom we call American politics, a classroom peopled with both amateurs and professionals.  Decisions are made by those who show up; and I hope to get more people motivated to show up to make our local, state, and national decisions.  I hope to foment a political conversation about who we Americans are; about what our nation, the City on a Hill, represents; and about what our course ahead should be.  Join the conversation, won’t you?  It really wouldn’t be the same without you.

Paul Rincon, editor

The Editor

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