Contributor’s Standards and Conditions

1)  The Editor’s intent is that all contributions will be compatible with and help to forward the political agenda of the editor, and will therefore present a positive, liberal to leftist ethic and argument.  The editor reserves the right to withhold publication of material with which he does not himself agree.  The editor also reserves the right to withhold publication of any material for any other reason.

2)  Articles will be kept to under 1,500 words.

3)  All factual statements must be checkable and/or vetted for accuracy.

4)  Contributions must conform to standard academic requirements for language, spelling, etc.  Contributors agree to accept the editor’s suggestions on such, and/or the actual editing of content mechanics by the editor.

5)  Specific references to polling data, precise arcane specifics, etc., and to any cited web resources, should include URLs of web resources to be inserted as hyperlink, or citations for any sources otherwise.

6)  Contributions may be and/or include writing, cartoons, drawings, photographs, video, audio, etc.  All primary content to be published must be original material produced by the contributor.  Certain forms of references to work of other authors may be submitted (e.g., excerpts of other authors’ writing that are especially appropriate), so long as the original authors are properly quoted and cited.  Some images available on the web may, with the editor’s permission, be included to highlight or augment the contributor’s own work (e.g., as a headline image; or if the article is discussing a subject and uses established images already available, etc.), so long as such images are not posed as the contributor’s own created content.

7)  All contributions are voluntary, submitted with no expectation of reimbursement or compensation.  Contributions will be listed as authored by the contributor (pen names are acceptable at the discretion of the contributor, but the editor recommends using your real name).  Contributors agree that their published content may be modified or deleted by the editor at any time.

8)  The editor prefers to post original material, and reserves the right to refuse or delete contributions whose principal content is known to have been previously posted or published elsewhere.