Using Johnson’s 1964 Ads Against Trump, Part 2

In 1964, actor William Bogert was asked by Lyndon B. Johnson’s campaign to read a script that coincided with his political views; and in filming his script he also improvised with some of his own views as a Republican about his party’s candidate Barry Goldwater, and about the coming election.  As with the “Daisy Girl” ad, the language of this ad, the frustration of a conservative with his party’s flirtation with extremism and hatred, and the comparisons between Goldwater and Trump, all present a unique opportunity to revisit history by using this ad, or one very much like it, to prove that Trump’s extremism and immaturity disqualify him completely from holding any political office, let alone the presidency.

Vote Democrat in November.  The stakes are too high for you to stay home.


6 thoughts on “Using Johnson’s 1964 Ads Against Trump, Part 2

  1. The “deja vu” is almost surreal. I’m contemplating doing a “Blogger Spotlight” on my own site with this piece. Would you mind? (I’ve already shared it on Twitter, but I think you are already comfortable with me doing such.) Just let me know…

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  2. Hi Paul, just saw this on Mr Lageose’s blog and it blew me away. Very powerful stuff and just a tad scary in light of what’s happening politically in America at the moment with Donald Trump.


    1. Well, thanks for stopping by, Lily. I appreciate your thoughts. You are correct in how unnerving the Trump phenomenon is; although you might at least take comfort in knowing, as my post implied, that we’ve been through this before, with Goldwater in 1964. Johnson used ads like these to push people away from the dark side; and hopefully Clinton (if it’s not to early to presume she’ll be the nominee) will do much the same. We’ve walked away from the precipice once before; is it too much to hope we can do it again?

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      1. I know where I stand politically, but I’m not politically minded, if that makes sense. But watching events unfold from across the pond, has me a little rattled, because I’m not sure how a man with no real policies has gotten so far in his campaign. Being a Brit, I didn’t know who Goldwater was and so looked him up. So thank you for educating me in a slice of American politics that I knew nothing about.
        I have absolute faith that Americans will do the right thing and avoid even skirting around the edge of the precipice.

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