Intermission #4: Heart, Broken

Brian Lageose of Bonnywood Manor responds with genuine emotion to the tragedy and horror of the Pulse massacre in Orlando, proving that a humor blog can also, when necessary, write about mourning and about the horrors that surround us. Visit Bonnywood Manor, and read on:

Bonnywood Manor

PT 1001 2

I kept telling myself all day that I wasn’t going to write about the shooting.

It’s not that I didn’t care or I didn’t have anything to say, far from it. But I knew that if I entered the digital discussion, I would inevitably run into conservative whack-jobs who have no grasp on reality, filled with hate. They are legion, these non-evolved cretins who apparently have nothing better to do than sit at their damp keyboards, wet with the rot from their decomposing minds, seizing on any and every opportunity to maniacally rub salt in the fresh wounds of innocent victims.

I just didn’t have the stomach for it, not today, not when I needed to grieve and process. Every one of these incessant, needless mass shootings affects me, tears at me, baffles me with the incomprehensible concept that a supposedly modern country is unable to enact decent, logical gun-control…

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