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Tina Fey Returns to Mock Palin’s Word Salad

Once again, McCain’s Folly, Sarah Palin (the reality-TV star from Seward’s Folly), makes a mess of the English language (presuming that was, in fact, what she thought she was speaking).  The best experts in political cryptography believe that she was attempting to endorse Donald Trump.  She likely was also attempting to grab a scrap of relevance from her seat on the ash-heap of history.  Tina Fey, long a favorite alternate version of Palin (both for her comedic effect as well as for being able to make sense of the blithering Alaskan), returned to SNL to parody Palin’s embarrassing moment.  Enjoy Palin’s – er, uh, Fey’s delivery.


Three Reasons Why I’m Buying a Cup of Starbucks Coffee Tomorrow


Normally, I’m not that big a fan of Starbucks.  It’s not so much a political or moral thing; I mostly just don’t like their coffee that much.  However, tomorrow, I’m looking past all this and buying a cup of Starbucks.  Why?

  1.  The dark side of Christian conservatism, that wants to see a “war on Christmas” in everything they see, thinks red Christmas cups without dancing snowflakes make the Baby Jesus cry.  I’m going to enjoy a warm cup of Jesus tears; maybe a latte.
  2. Starbucks has just announced a program to provide a gay-friendly safety environment for victims of hate crime.
  3. Starbucks has also just announced it is increasing substantially its program to provide educational funding for dependents of veterans (if those vets are company employees).

Today (November 10, 2015), there is a strike against companies not paying a living wage (which Starbucks vowed to do last year, effective this past January); so I’ll wait to make Jesus cry until tomorrow.  But tomorrow, I’m going to give Starbucks some money.

First Blog of Lightness: Aaron Sorkin’s Impact on Burmese Political Reforms

Hillary Clinton tells us in her book, Hard Choices:  “The Speaker of the Lower House of [the Burmese] Parliament, Shwe Mann, another former general, met with me in another gigantic room, beneath a painting of a lush Burmese landscape that seemed to stretch for miles.  He was chatty and good-natured.  ‘We’ve been studying your country trying to understand how to run a Parliament,’ he told me.  I asked if he’d read books or consulted with experts.  ‘Oh no,’ he said.  ‘We’ve been watching The West Wing.’  I laughed and promised that we would provide even more information.”

  • Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices (New York:  Simon & Schuster, 2014), p. 117.