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Do We Watch, Enter, or Just Talk?

[After spending a week with some biological ick of some kind, I am just now returning to my writing, with this entry for Three Line Tales.  See Sonya’s latest post for rules and photo.]

Do we watch the circus of politics?

Or do we dare enter the arena, wrestling suit and mud in hand?

Or should we just talk amongst ourselves?

Photo by Samuel Zeller.  Concept for “Three Line Tales” by Sonya, and her blog Only 100 Words.


A Brief Reprieve from the Stress of Politics


Before you freak out over Trump, or over Democrats for supporting the “wrong” candidate,

Take a moment to stare into the sunset (or sunrise), and reflect:  This is just a moment

In history, that future citizens will forget after learning about in high school.

Posted as a “Three Line Tale (TLT).”  Photo and post concept by Sonya Oldwin; full image here.  Thanks also to jansenphoto’s blog, Dutch Goes the Photo, for his post inspiring my response.