The Future of Religion and Bowling

Quote of the Week:  What I want to happen to religion in the future is this: I want it to be like bowling. It’s a hobby, something some people will enjoy, that has some virtues to it, that will have its own institutions and its traditions and its own television programming, and that families will enjoy together. It’s not something I want to ban or that should affect hiring and firing decisions, or that interferes with public policy. It will be perfectly harmless as long as we don’t elect our politicians on the basis of their bowling score, or go to war with people who play nine-pin instead of ten-pin, or use folklore about backspin to make decrees about how biology works. –PZ Myers

This week, Spark! is letting the Quote of the Week sit on its own, since there is no need to add further thoughts to this one.  Reflect, and have a good week!

Image from Wikipedia user Mark Schierbecker: “PZ Myers presents his talk,’You, too, can know more molecular genetics than a creationist!’ at Skepticon in 2014.


One thought on “The Future of Religion and Bowling

  1. I don’t like the idea of benign religion, but I don’t like how it’s used in politics either. I certainly wouldn’t elect a president based on his or her professed beliefs about God, and I don’t believe religion should be used as a tool in war. But I do think there is power in faith that is greater than what you find with hobbies and family activities, Certainly nothing wrong with praying for our political leadership, just don’t expect them to do something for you because of it.


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